Pre-turkey musings

It REALLY is that time of year again and I feel like we were just here.  The warm temps have tricked my mind into thinking I am still in Indian summer; Fall.  Is Thanksgiving really tomorrow already?

I have many things to be thankful for, especially the zombies above.  This is the one holiday where you don’t have to buy a gift for anyone and can choose to share your culinary talents instead.  I find myself fixating on Thanksgiving cooking shows on the Food Network as I snuggle with the hubby.  I so rarely sit in front of a television set, save my crazy USC Saturdays (which was quite dismal last week and promises to be the same when we play Notre Dame this week) so Dave was surprised to have a warm body (besides Snuggles) next to him as we watched Tyler Florence whip up a great meal.  Yum!

Nostalgia has set in and I am remembering Christmases past as Dave and I painstakingly searched catalogs and magazines for the, “Toy of the Year,” “Award Winning” must-have that all parents HAD to buy.  I remember putting a big ribbon on the Radio Flyer Classic red bike when Nate was three, The Tickle Me Elmo that Doug was so obsessed with, at age one, and the Spiderman scooter when Charlie was two.  Four years ago  we giddily stayed up and wrapped the boys’ first XBOX console.  And I can’t bear to part with the Hot Wheels table that we’ve had since 2006 with the thousands of metal die-cast cars that lay within its drawers.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday beckon to my materialistic self and the texts I’m receiving from family and friends for the boys’ “must haves” draws a blank.  For all of the gifts the boys have received over the years, the only thing that they truly will carry with them into adulthood is the feeling of security and anticipation as we eat with family and friends.  TRADITION.

I know Pam is laughing at me.  My Christmas cards are stuffed and my poem is written.  Thanks for reminding me.


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