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End of the world


It’s officially December 21st today and the tree in front of the shop looks like it’s gone through the apocalypse after the tree guys got done with it.  Three trees were cut to the ground and this is our one shady tree left.  Normally the bins are filled with steel bolts; today it’s eucalyptus/sycamore wood.  We’ve got lots of firewood to survive!

wood binDave and the boys stayed up last night and had a Mad Max movie marathon LOL.  They voted “Road Warrior” as their favorite and we had a turkey/ Thanksgiving meal to go with it.  I know, they’re weird.  Two weeks ago Charlie sadly sat next to me and said, “I’m still young, Mom.  It’s not fair that the end-of-the world is coming so soon.”  With the state-of-the-world being, as it is, it may well BE the end.  Today a local high school was in lock down after it received a call about a possible gun/bomb threat.   Do people think this is some kind of joke?

It’s the boys’ first day of winter break, as well as the winter solstice,  and they were put to work.  It warmed my heart to watch the boys unload the freshly cut logs that their grandfather would bring over on the tow motor.  It was chilly but their spirits were bright.  There is nothing like the first day of Christmas vacation.  Not only do they have the holiday to look forward to; but two weeks of no school!  Oh to to be a kid again.  Not a care in the world.

boyswood throw

We are not normally at work on Fridays but today was an exception.  As I supervised wood logistics everyone else prepared to close the shop for the holidays.  I’m just grateful we don’t have to close the business, for good.  We’ve seen so many small businesses close their doors in this financial climate.  Fiscal cliff or not; our economy struggles.

I couldn’t resigenerationsst this picture (bottom left).  Three generations stood before me staring at a drill bit.  The knowledge of steel fabrication passed down from one generation to another as our son crunched numbers on a calculator to set the machine settings.  Dave’s dad, Joe, is amazing with steel; he could be a sculptor.   Steel fabrication is an art form which he’s passed down to his son.  The skills Dave learned from his father made him a knowledgeable aviator; who stood by the mechanics working on his plane and would get his greasy hands in there with them.  The number crunching led him to get his B.S. in computer science.  Our eldest son is very tactile and has the same traits as his father.  I got a little teary as I quickly snapped this picture; those thoughts rapidly running through my mind.


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