What do I do now?  Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas has passed by I am struck by how fast it all went and how busy I really was.  And winter break has only started!

That’s when I laughed at myself.  Most days I’m in the grind.  There is never enough time to do everything I want to do because laundry beckons, mouths need to be fed and some form of paperwork needs to be done (homework, accounting, PTA).   The sounds of happy kids on vacation fill my home.  This morning I came into our den and found three kids sleeping on the wood floor next to the computers/gaming console.   Dave is asleep on the couch next to the TV; probably watching another episode of Dr. Who.

Yesterday Dave asked what our schedule looked like for the rest of the week and when I answered, “absolutely nothing” he was shocked.  I showed him my empty calendar as he wondered, aloud, what family outing we can do together.  How can we fill the schedule? A trip up north to visit my parents’ graves?  A trip south to go to my beloved San Diego and Coronado?  To the mountains?  The Getty?

My mind drew a blank.  Usually I can easily find a place to visit and am already on the computer coordinating.  But this year I enjoy sitting in my own home, sleeping in my own bed and doing absolutely nothing.  I like the simplicity of having no agenda.  It makes me enjoy what I have as I mentally prepare for the new year when the demands of school and work return.

I can happily reflect on Christmas and family.  Themanger boysre have been many years that I’ve experienced the let-down after the holiday but this year I’ve been blessed.  I tried to keep it simpler.  I didn’t bake the multitude of cookies I usually do.  The parties we attended were spaced out where I didn’t feel the stress of time constraints.  The gift purchasing has been alleviated with drawing names and white elephants.  The true spirit of the holiday came through as we shared food and gave thanks with our loved ones. 

The night before Christmas I had lamented to Dave how I wished I could fill beneath our tree with lots of presents.  But as I watched the boys open their gifts, after church, it didn’t matter.  Each son DID receive what they truly wanted for Christmas.   The gifts were simple.  I was camera ready so I was able to capture their true surprise when they opened their gifts.  It is so very rare that we ever get it right; just as in life.  But when we do; the moment is to be cherished forever.  Priceless.


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