Wouldn’t it be good

boys cheer






Wouldn’t it be good to be in your shoes
Even if it was for just one day
And wouldn’t it be good
If we could wish ourselves away

Wouldn’t it be good to be on your side
The grass is always greener over there
And wouldn’t it be good
If we could live without a care ~ Nik Kershaw

my corner

(Sigh)  Today I am tackling the mounds of paperwork that occupy my corner of the den to keep my mind occupied.  Yesterday I sat at this desk for ten hours (off and on) organizing digital folders and documents that I haven’t seen since 1999 (the year we first got our monstrous Olympus digital camera).  Each move we’ve made I have re-created directories and back-ups and it is now time to merge and purge.

I’m still mourning my cat and I feel a bit ridiculous.  The boys just look sadly at me and give me hugs.  On New Year’s day I made a pact with myself to remember the things I am thankful for.  Today my quest (thanks to Ann Voskamp) is to find: a gift inside, outside and on a plate.

The gift I found inside (indoors) was my mp3/.wma music hidden in the depths of my computer hard drive.   So to block the noise pollution of the other three boys’ computer/TV screens I have plugged my earbuds into my computer and got lost in the music of the 80s; feel good music.  For awhile I had my alternative Muse and Linkin Park songs screaming in my head but I found Nik Kershaw’s song, Wouldn’t It Be Good.  Now I’m lost in the throes of Howard Jones, New Order and (don’t laugh) I even played Peter Cetera and Amy Grant’s Next Time I Fall.  Now I have Diggin’ Your Scene on by the Blow Monkeys.

I hadn’t intended to be online today since the daunting task of tackling the office is large.  Unfortunately my extra large shredder is overheating so I had to take a break.  I have already emptied it FIVE TIMES in four hours.  I haven’t even completed my first file drawer yet!  I’m wishing myself away to an uber-clean, super organized house.  Where is the Calgon when you need it?

I am being a hermit and hibernating but thank you all for the cat wishes.   Music definitely heals the soul; that and time.


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