PrisonerOn Sunday Dave and I had our marathon “honey-dos” day.  I finally came out of my cat mourning stupor after I realized I hadn’t cleaned house since December 24th.  I decided I was going to reclaim my house from Christmas and just messiness; in general.

So for 14 hours (from 8 AM-10 PM), yesterday, I became the cleaning dervish.  And, once I begin; one thing leads to another.  The Christmas decorations were boxed, returned and shelved in the garage.  I then worked my way from the upstairs-down and methodically moved from room-to-room.  The next thing I knew I was moving furniture to new places; something I REALLY didn’t need to be doing since my downstairs closet was emptied and painted, by me, on Saturday.  Nobody else will see the inside of this closet but I had to paint it!  Dave was tasked to build me a shelving unit to utilize this closet (pic of him using his table saw), beneath my stairs, for my scrapbooking supplies that were taking over the den.   I guess I can’t be still for too long.

IMG_8725This is, unfortunately, how my mind works.  One thought emerges into another and the simple task of organizing becomes something quite huge.  Dave, gamely, agreed with my plan since this frees up room in HIS den.  The things I had wanted to accomplish during the kids’ winter break were sidelined by my new projects.  Thus, my downstairs looks like a tornado has hit my home and when the in-laws came by this weekend they quizzically asked if we were moving.

During my five day cat mourning period; Dave was given a reprieve from my moodiness and we met another, dear couple, on a double-date.  Dubious about the wine choice of a red-zin I was pleasantly surprised and was able to enjoy their company.  It’s a rarity to find a couple married for 21 years that look like teenagers; but this couple does.  So now I have fond memories of The Prisoner bottle we shared over dinner.   I must have it again; as well as the company.  It’s not just about the wine BIG LOL.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines maintenance as (2nd definition): noun: the work of keeping something in proper condition.  I have, yet, to think on my New Year’s resolutions but my theme for the year will be maintenance.  In 2012 my theme was health.  2013 is to maintain.  So this mantra is what drives me to do home improvement projects.  I need to start maintaining and preserving: marriage, family, friends, my home, my health and appearance, my intellect and spirituality and, most importantly, my sanity.  I tend to take on too many things and this is the year I am going to learn my limitations; especially with the increased work respIMG_8716onsibilities.

I hear snoring from the family room.  Time to wake the hubby up to finish sanding my shelves so I can paint/clear coat tomorrow and my car can reclaim its garage space.


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