Wake up!

solar globe

As much as I try to sleep in; it is rare.  Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m missing out on precious moments of the day if I allow myself to sleep in too long.  I’m not sure when that mindset kicked in; I wish it would go away, but I’ve recently realized a few things; upon awakening this weekend morning.

…the sun on my face as it rises in the East; the smell of coffee lingering from the night before,

…the purring of my cat, Stormie, her warm body nestled against mine,Stormie

… unexpected children in my bed.  This morning it was Doug, his hand flung across my middle, Charlie, snoring at the edge of the bed; and Dave, the hubby, sprawled across the foot of the bed (lol)

…the “good morning” hug from my 12 y/o who, I must finally admit, is taller than I am, and was awake before me,

…the silence in our sun-filled home; punctuated with the click-clack Snuggles 2of our dog, Snuggles’, paws on tile; roaming downstairs.

I glance at my scavenger list for today.  I am to find 3 gifts that might never have been.  That’s easy:  Nate, Doug & Charlie.  I never thought I’d be a mom, my 15 year plan did not involve kids.  Glad I veered off of that path.  The discussion from yesterday plays in my head.

The things you take for granted, other people pray for.” 

My girlfriend told me that in the Koran, there is a saying that if you don’t appreciate time; you are cursed by it flying by fast.  The point: slow time down by enjoying what is before you.

SD flowerorange

I went outside, in the 61 degree weather, to look at my not-so-green pool; smartphone in hand.  Dave fixed our pool sweep and the algae is disappearing.  I sauntered to our dwarf orange tree, laden with bright orange globes.  They are so sweet with very little seeds.   I gazed at my solar globe which turns into various colors when nightfall comes.  Next to it is a desert-like flower/cactus that I transplanted from our home in San Diego.  It made me happy because I’ll be driving to SD with my girlfriend, next Friday, to a book signing with one of our favorite authors; Kim Harrison.  Yay!  A side trip to Temecula wineries beckons….LOL.

I’m thinking of my small hometown on the central coast of California.  Seeing the oranges reminded me of the strawberry fields, the bare grapevines and rolling hills.  I’m reminded of my resolution to maintain, in this instance, my friendships. One of my dearest childhood friends lives 15 miles away.  Life gets in the way.  I never see her.  The girlfriend that brought me to this small bedroom community of Los Angeles, lives 3 miles away.  Our SUVs pass one another as we shuttle our children to and from schools.  It’s sad when my elementary school principal and a beloved teacher tell me  they sat at dinner with this dear college friend; who held my hand as I delivered my youngest son.

A group of girlfriends were glancing at my pictures, yesterday, as I talked about my bff near St. Louis, MO and I thought of her driving her kids, just like me, in the Midwestern cold.   I thought of my girlfriend in Sacramento; our Memorial day camping trip booked with her family of four.  I thought of the girls in San Diego, and those locally.  I am a terrible maintainer of relationships.  It’s a wonder I even have friends!  So if you are my friend and you are reading this.  I am trying; don’t give up on me.

There are only so many brain cells in my head that get me through my day.  This must be how I cope with my easily distracted nature.  I really think I must be ADD and never diagnosed.   I always am moving; must multi-task BUT can truly focus on few things.  Facebook overwhelms me with the newsfeed; information overload.  I can easily get addicted to social media.  I can’t even go to Twitter.  I have Instagram and Pinterest accounts that I need to figure out.  But why should I keep my head stuck in a computer when I can easily drive and find a majority of these people (okay, Sacramento and St. Louis are a bit far)?  Dave tsked-tsked me when I shared this with him.  I think I’ve turned into a hermit!!!

The smell of fresh coffee is wafting over to me.  Time to engage in life and maintain what I do have.  I need to stop projecting to the future and see what’s before me.  At this moment in time that would be two boys, both on computers adjacent to mine, quietly programming or building with blocks on Minecraft.  Snores can be heard from the youngest and the hubby upstairs.  Time to wake up and enjoy the day!


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