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Boy is it chilly!  The 7th grader was off on Monday, due to teacher in-service days, so he decided to take over the middle office amidst the chaos on Dave’s desk.  Snuggles was trying to stay warm on the tow motor LOL.  The sounds of the grinder can be heard as the boys work on the header.  Just another work day…

My motherhood mettle is being tested as I maneuver my way through pre-pubescent questions.  Who am I kidding?  The kid is now in puberty.  Amidst a work environment of males, they remain quiet when asked about sharing, “the talk.”  Their body language screams, don’t ask me!  I find it ironic that my son will ask me, the mom, his unique questions about male anatomy.   To tell or not to tell.  That is the question.

Of course I want to tell.  But how much?  My parenting style leans towards being as truthful as possible; that is age appropriate.  And as one discussion thread moved to another I, quietly drove, shocked at the imagery and scenarios my son described as we weaved in traffic.  There are different trains of thought.  There’s the Catholic way of abstinence.  The scientific, statistical methods of prevention; calculating risks vs. benefits.  Abstinence, abortion, condoms, birth control; not to mention molestation, gay-lesbian relationships.  How do you explain the two divergent paths and make it real to a 12 year old?

I’m hoping I’ll figure it out; with two boys right behind this one’s heels.  I exhale and take a deep breath; knowing the gift this opportunity has given me, as a mother, to even have this discussion with my child/boy/tween.  Deep cleansing breaths.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Slowly exhale…


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