Alter each day

sunrise walk

Starting Tuesday my early morning routine was permanently disrupted and I found myself out of sorts.  Without a “plan” I easily become distracted and lost.  I realized that maintenance can turn into complacency and, sometimes, throwing a wrench in the works is, really, a blessing in disguise.   After several months I had just found my groove, darn it!   I had to change my morning routine and I did not like it; not one bit.

For a few days I fretted; a bit lost.  Sunrise is usually the precious moments of time that I enjoy before my household awakens.  As a result, on Friday morning, I found myself on one of my favorite walks admiring the sunrise and breathing the still, pre-dawn air.  I flung my arms wide and breathed a happy sigh.  Two days of the week this will be my “new” normal.   This is MY time.

This past year I had become complacent.  Instead of striving I became too comfortable and fell into what was easy.  Having to work, manage time and maintain a balance in my life made me operate at “bare minimum” and it showed in all areas: my physical and mental health, my relationships, my unorganized mess.  Too much time was spent watching the clock and trying to take the path of least resistance.

This year maintaining my house is one of my priorities.  I can easily find the flaws: the glossy white tile floor/counter and icky grout, the torn up curtains, the green fish tank, the unorganized pantry.  This same house provides shelter for our family of five, a dog, a cat and a fish with more than ample room.   The easy fix is to purchase granite countertops, wood floors and new draperies.  Money fixes everything, right?  But if you don’t know how to take care of things they will soon return to a state of disrepair.

This same rule applies to my life.  I can buy my brand name items but if the body wearing them isn’t maintained, they look frumpy and out of place.  If your spirit is unfulfilled, no amount of make up will hide the fact that you are unhappy.  I’m learning to embrace what I have before me and try not to be something that I am not.  Things happen for a reason.  God definitely decided I was supposed to alter my routine and re-define my path.  I need to learn to take care of me.

“People are aBC Cafelways blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.” ~ George Bernard Shaw, Mrs. Warren’s Profession.

The other relationship, that always needs maintaining, is with my hubs.  We easily pass one another, each day, in the midst of children, work, household duties and mini-crises.  In my romance novels nobody every writes of the daily ins and outs of marital life.  I thought it was always lovey-dovey til death do us part.   I am a morning person, he is a night owl.  When I want to talk, he’s barely awake and when he wants to chat, I’m falling asleep.  So our date Fridays is our “catch” up time.  Sometimes we eat out; other times we grocery shop together.  As spring approaches we’ll be toiling the soil to create a garden full of vegetables and flowers.  Whatever we do; it is usually together.  But why should I wait for Friday?  Shouldn’t we date every day?    Valentine’s day is approaching, I’ll have to give this some thought…


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