consider this

130224 moneyAs I was changing my eyes fell upon the silver box that sits atop our bedroom dresser.  I remember the day I saw it.  It was on an end cap shelf of World Market/Cost Plus; being clearanced out after the holidays in 2008.

That Christmas I had been given a unique gift from my girlfriend in San Diego.  She handed me a plain box with slips of paper inside.  When I opened the folded papers she typed my name and a Bible verse.  There were easily fifty or more slips of paper.  I transferred these little notes into my silver box, put a bow on it and placed it on my dresser.  At some point I added a rosary, probably from Nate’s First Holy Communion since he received that sacrament in 2008.  Whenever I glance at the box I immediately think of San Diego.

So today when it caught my attention I walked over and opened it.  I dug around and opened the slip of paper in the photograph; the verse Isaiah 41:10.  And guess what?  I found another $100 bill!!!  Just a month ago, as I sat with the girls in our informal Bible study. I found money in my Bible.  They were my witnesses.  It’s really bizarre.

If you’ve known me long enough you have to know I am not normally a preachy type of person.  I was introduced to a Bible Study from the girlfriend who gave me the gift above.  She and I met by fate.  Unknowingly, her first born son and mine were in the same school.  Our youngest sons are both named Charlie.  And we both figured this out as we were in the Miramar commissary.  We had never run into one another at the school our kids attended and our husbands, both Navy, were not stationed in the same place.  I pray for her hubby and her family since in January he was sent to Afghanistan.

When Nate was going to make his First Holy Communion in 2008 I realized I had a lot of issues with the Catholic church.  But one of the things I realized was that I rarely have touched a Bible; much less read it.  A friend gave me a lesson sheet and  I followed a set format.  One of my greatest accomplishments was that I did, indeed, read my entire NIV Bible that year.  If I was going to have my son initiated in the Catholic faith then I, as a mom, needed to know what that f130224 bibleaith meant.   That included reading the Bible in its entirety.

I digress.  I have on three separate occasions this past year, found money in either my Bible or something faith related.  Really weird.   And of course, one of my laments is the lack of money in our household.  Is this some weird sign?  I have no idea what made me look at the box, above, this morning but to find a $100 bill in it is unfathomable.  I can’t believe I haven’t spent it!  And when would I have placed it in there?   Just recently, when I was opening boxes of books from all the various moves we’ve made, I found my childhood Bible concordance.  I think I was Nate’s age when it was given to me.  It was engraved with my full maiden name and dusty.  Not sure where to put it; I placed it on a table, full of pictures, near my bedroom entrance.

As I sat in the pew, this morning, I watched my older sons on the altar.  The sermon was about how our minds are fixed on Earthly things.  Yup.  That pretty much describes where my mindset is.  The priest’s sermon was about how we get lost in the ritual and I glanced around the church.  Dave was half-asleep next to me.  My boys are fidgeting and the middle son, God Bless Him, is talking to his fellow altar server during the sermon.  My boys are entirely too comfortable upon the altar.  We are asleep; abandoning our faith for more familiar things.  Things we can control.  I smacked Dave awake, next to me, then glared at my boys on the altar from the back of the church.  The people surrounding me had the glazed look of a trance-like state; probably watching the clock so that they could get on with their day.  I had to smirk.  Charlie is not alone in his angst for the mass to be over.  Focus.

130223 turk cofNow that I’m home I need a kick in the pants.  Today is Turkish coffee and Espresso candy.  Thankfully my house is clean and I am awaiting another birthday party.  What is up with the month of February and birthdays!!?  I am still trying to get out thank you cards from Christmas presents.  I just found cards for the Trudt household; one being my goddaughter, the other for her brother, this past Friday.  Oy!  

Dave is smirking at me.  Apparently I have a lot on my mind today as my fingers fly across my keyboard.  My entire family is within this 10 X 12 foot room.  Three are on an XBOX, the adults on PCs.  I was attempting to read Steve Jobs’ biography and I am on the sixth chapteapple logor.  I can understand why my, computer scientist/programmer, husband tries not to purchase Apple products.  It killed him that we used to have iPhones and that our kids have iTouch gadgets.   I am curious about how this company rose like a phoenix from ashes and, of course, Steve Jobs.

130224 forkMy multi-functioning brain needs something else to read and I think I’ve found my new muse.  I’m trying not to forget Cutting for Stone and so, am choosing a non-fiction book called, Consider the Fork.  Last Friday my girlfriend and I persued Barnes & Noble as our tweener sons, hid in the back of the bookstore.  Much to our surprise, the bookstore and surrounding area is a very busy and popular hangout for the local junior high and high school kids.  A group of 8-10 girls yelled to our boys;  both of us, mothers, having heard them.   The two boys were completely oblivious.  When asked why the two did not respond to the girls’ calls the boys looked like deer in headlights.  We didn’t see the girls?  Are you sure they called our names?   When I shared this story with the hubby he suggested we go on Fridays to see what goes on.  But do I shove my son into a social situation he is not ready for?  Soon enough, he’ll be leaving me on the bench telling me he’ll see me later.   I’ll have to consider this one.





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