And the Beat Goes On…

disk coverOur phones at work have K-EARTH 101 as our background, as we place lines on hold or sit at our desks, since the business started on April Fool’s day in 1988.  Dave’s parents distinctly recalled doing this because they felt like fools; thinking they could do this on their own.  Their son, Dave, was heading off to college a year later and instead of taking the money his parents had set aside for him; he chose to go on an NROTC scholarship.  This was the seed money they used to begin their business.  It is almost 25 years later…

I mention K-EARTH because it has put me in this 70-80s music phase.  I heard the song, “And the Beat Goes On,”by the Whispers yesterday and we danced around the office as various purchase orders came through the fax machines and email.  After a very lean winter, which always is the case; but especially this year due to the sequestering thing happening in Washington, p.o’s were overflowing.  This is good. This morning I found CDs and dropped my kids off at school listening to “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees.  The younger two boys were singing it at the top of their lungs and as I pulled away from the curb; they still were singing LOL.  I’m sure the other kids around them thought they were goofy.  One of my all-time favorite songs is, “Upside Down” by Diana Ross so that’s what’s been playing on repeat in my car stereo as I pulled into our work parking lot.

These past two days have been really busy as various machines whir in the shop.   Someone asked me what we actually make at work and I attempted to describe what we do.  Long story short; we get raw steel in coils and what emerges from the various machines are beautiful bolts, rods, etc.  Dave’s dad is one of the few people in the industry who is known for his steel artistry.  He can create something out of nothing; scraps included.  Earlier I was taking inventory and our shelves are empty.  We make custom bolts and we do not keep an inventory so it is a good thing that we have empty shelves.  All the parts are being shipped or sold to someone else.  There is no greater joy than to see bolts crammed on pallets and boxes as they go merrily on their way.  They end up in various things like the grinding salt & pepper shakers (we can see our rod with our signature stamp) that sell for $40-$50.  They are on skateboard axles.  Telecommunication companies use our bolts for the boxes you see outside homes and businesses.  And to make our day even better, our books reconciled!  Normally it takes a lot of searching and detective work for invoices and p.o’s.

bolt shelfbox boltCome April Fool’s Day WE will be the fools trying to put in another 25 years.  And the beat goes on….


Switching gears, I finally finished The Book Thief by Markus Zusak last night.  Since I read it on my Kindle I had no idea it was 400+ pages.  Nate has the book on his NOOK since this book was written for young adults.  We had checked this out from our library in January since Nate had a book report due and this was the book he wanted to read.  I assumed he had finished it since he received a book report grade of an A.  But apparently, he had only read 2/3 of it.  When I inquired how someone could write a book report w/o finishing a book (I was indignant at this point; I feel like that’s cheating!) he says that the questions were mostly about setting and character development.  He did not need to know the end.  That’s sacrilege!

Dave took the picture of us, on Sunday, reading the book.  I had been 2/3 through the same book and when we compared where each of us were, we were at EXACTLY the same chapter.  The book takes place during WWII in Nazi Germany and the story is told via the eyes and ears of a tween girl (11-13 years of age) named Liesel.  And Markus Zusak is Australian; born in Sydney.  I don’t consider this book young adult at all.  Nate decided he’d finish the book with me after my indignation that he could write a book report and not finish a book.  We had just finished with the St. Paddy’s day decor and I was wearing leprechaun antennae (you can see them faintly in the pic.  I did not realize Dave took my phone and snapped the pic until I checked this morning).  I am wearing them at work, as I type.  Maybe they’re bringing us our good luck and fortune!!

Interestingly enough, Nate and I have very different perspectives of what was happening in this book.  Both of us were asking each other about historical facts and thankfully, Dave, my military history buff, answered both of our questions.  Nate’s favorite subject is history so the things he was interested in were entirely different from what I found interesting.   This is not new, reading with my son.  We had read Harry Potter and I valiantly, tried to read the Hunger Games (it’s still on my Kindle).  One of the things I’d like to accomplish is having my children enjoy reading with others their age; a kids’ bookclub.   Bookclub is Friday so Nate better hurry up and finish!  Back to the nuts and bolts.


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