Luck o’ the leprechaun

130317 altar130317 clover

The boys were scheduled to altar serve, this morning, so it is fitting that we begin St. Patrick’s day in a Catholic mass.  The history of St. Patrick is that he was kidnapped from Britain from a well-to-do Catholic family, and taken to Ireland.  He  escaped and returned to Britain to become a priest, as his grandfather did before him.  Eventually he was called to serve Ireland and brought Christianity there.  He used the three leafed shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity of: the father, the son and the holy spirit to the pagan Irish.  To commemorate St. Patrick his date of death, March 17th, is held in his honor.

130317 gpa130317 whirly

Instead of feasting on corned beef, cabbage and potatoes we celebrated a 90th birthday with great-aunt Linda.  It was a surpr130317 stellaise and we were notified, yesterday, of the festivities planned at the spur-of-the moment.  More importantly, the boys spent time with their great grandfather, who looked as healthy as a horse.  We find it hard to believe that he has a 2-4 month prognosis but cancer is reclaiming his body and we know his time with us is finite.   Time is precious.  His older brother, great uncle Nacho, is an active and healthy 92 y/o who creates backyard sculptures with anything he can get his hands on.  We enjoyed his whirly-gig fountain and his whimsical backyard created with his own artistry.     W-O-W!  It was truly amazing to be toasting with the majority of the partygoes being over the age of 60.  Stella Rosa was quite the hit amongst this crowd.  Bookclub does not have the monopoly on this wine.

130317 lep

My littlest leprechaun helped spread good cheer with his impish grin and full bodied green beard.  I am reminded, once again, from our morning sermon to try to walk the simple life; a very non-judgmental one.  Who am I to cast stones when I am not infallible?  I must remember, humility, and to tread the Earth lightly.  If I am lucky I, too, can live to a ripe old age with my family surrounding me, celebrating my 90th birthday.  I’m hoping the luck o’ the leprechaun will be mine, as well.

I have finished considering the fork and am in the devil’s garden.  I am already laughing out loud as I read about gluttony and chocolate.  Next we will move to alcohol and coffee.  All great combinations on this day of green.  I shall search for my Guinness and continue reading, being the good Catholic girl that I am!  (grin)



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