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Auspicious April

adj. Presenting favorable circumstances or showing signs of a favorable outcome; propitious.  American Heritage Dictionary.

130401 tow130401 boys

The business celebrated 25 years yesterday.  Steel keeps being delivered in truck loads and there is a lot of work to be done.  The sound of machinery could be heard amongst the digital chirps and laughter of the boys; crowding together at Dave’s desk.  They are on a spring break.  I thought they would complain that I had to drag them to work for a few days but they don’t really seem to mind.  We even forget they are there.  There is no fighting; just an occasional bleep or squeal from behind the office door.

130401 cuttingSo when Dave came into the office to get us to run a few machines; I balked.  I am afraid of them.  They are big and unwieldy as they cut steel rods or roll threads.  His mom is a pro and rolled while he taught me how to cut.  I definitely have a respect for these gleaming beasts as I hear the machine’s pressure  hiss.  Rays of light spew from the welding tip as the other boys build some steel encasement in another part of the shop.   The bay doors are wide open.  And we are cold.  Mom rolls rods like a pro; she hums a song in her head to a steady rhythm as she counts.  I have to rely on the machine counter as Dave takes pics of my form.  Don’t have a sway back; you’ll get tired.  Keep your foot away from the pedal as you slide the next rod in.  You don’t want to accidently hit the pedal and crush your hands or wrists, do you?

Today is a calmer day and things are running smoothly.  The sun is even shining since our books reconciled, taxes are done; the bills paid.   April Fool’s was a long day since the boys had golf in the evening.  My house is still a mess but I’ve decided it’s Spring Break; I’m taking a break from house cleaning!  LOL  We have enough food to get through the entire week from family gatherings over the weekend.  By default; my family of five gets the leftovers since they will get devoured in our home.  We have almost a whole ham, a smorgasbord of desserts and candy everywhere.  Let’s not forget about the eggs.  For lunch, today, it is egg salad sandwiches.

I am 3/4 into the book Gone Girl.  Most of last week my energies were focused on my yearbook deadline and so it is now at the photography studio queued in line to print.  Gone Girl is quite dark; something I like.  The content isn’t as heavy as Me Before You and I am stuck midway through In the Devil’s Garden so I changed to another book.  I have several books that I read, partway.  I am still in the midst of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families as well.  I love this book but I easily get distracted with it.  I learn a great new concept and veer off on my tangent to try to implement it and poof!    I get stuck.  How shall I implement this?  During the last chapter I sat our family down to set our compass and embark on our journey but we had to know what the destination was before we left.  That took several hours to figure out  LOL.   My eldest read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens which was recommended by his junior high and he really got a lot out of it.  He utilizes a few of the concepts introduced within its pages.

We are already scheduling our summer months and it looks like we’ll be camping galore.  We join my childhood girlfriend (I’ve known her since age 4), husband and two boys with our family of five in Mammoth and two weeks later, will join my side of the family for their first ever camping trip together, since the mid 80s, in Kings Canyon.  My generation of cousins, and I, have great memories camping and so they have formally planned a destination trip and local venue for us to vacation together.  We’ll see how this goes.  Thankfully I am not coordinating this adventure.  Later in the summer Dave’s family does a, now annual, camping trip as well.  Since we love the outdoors, we don’t mind.  But that is a lot of camping!

With the spring comes the new beginning.   I hope it’s auspicious.


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