To drink or not to drink


Of course I get a 50% coupon for a frappuccino today!  The hubs had me go online to look at the nutritional value of, said drink.  I know how to cut the calories and justify it.  I also crave a Viva Las Vegas roll from RA Sushi.    This must be a test or a sign….

An interesting study, published in 2011, was being talked about today on my early morning show.  It was a life expectancy study from the University of Washington; conducted  during 2000-2007.  A woman can live to the ripe age of 86 if she lives in Collier, FL ; a male lives longest in Fairfax County, VA to age 81.  Marin County & San Mateo counties (in northern California) also ranked as one of the best locations to live long and prosper; as well as coastal cities in California and Florida.

“It’s not the health care system that’s having the biggest impact on health; it’s the community.” ~Dr. David Fleming, Director of Public Health – Seattle & King County.

The worst?  The south with five counties in the state of Mississippi being the least desirable locations for women to live a long life.  The US still ranks well behind the international frontier of countries with healthier populations and longer life spans.   The top 10 countries with the highest female life expectancies, for 2012, are: 1. Japan 2. South Korea 3. Spain 4. Singapore 5. Taiwan 6. Switzerland 7. Andorra 8. Italy 9. Australia 10. France.

The disparity in life expectancies, amongst countries,  does not run along racial, country size or economics.  Instead, the researchers attribute: obesity rates, high tobacco use and preventable risk factors in contributing to our shorter life spans in the United States.


It’s a muggy day, with intermittent showers, and  there is maintenance to be done.  The hubs is tasking the youngest and teaching him mechanics on the press.  Our neighboring property trimmed their trees but left the remnants on our side so the guys decided to drop it over, to their side, for clean-up.  The prior owners are close family friends but we have never seen or met the new ones.  Neighborly love.  They left a huge mess.  Behind us, the company continues to pack their belongings and observed the tree clean-up progress.

20130711_095411_resizedApparently, my vehicle also needs some maintaining; as we discovered last evening at a family dinner.  With all of the road trips we’ve taken my tires have lost their tread.  I think I am experiencing “God winks”.  What is a god wink?  According to the SQuire Rushnell website:

“A god wink is what some people would call a coincidence, an answered prayer, or simply an experience where you’d say, “Wow, what are the odds of that!”

One of my girlfriends says this all of the time.  It so happened that I was in the midst of answering phone texts when the hubs burst into the office, asking what I was furiously texting about.  My girlfriend’s  husband works for a national tire chain.  It’s a sign!  The hubs urged me to inquire about the tire.  Poof!  The magic tire fairy (aka her husband) arranged an appt. for tomorrow morning.  A God wink!  First the frapp, next the tire.

I am still on the fence about the frapp.  Should I or shouldn’t I?  When does a craving become obsessive?  My dietitian friend always says to always do things in moderation.  The more you obsess, the more likely you’ll regress. 

My mind lingers on the life expectancy study.  I immediately expected the longevity results to be based on economics since the locations noted are near metropolitan cities and are wealthy suburbs.  The data was collected by the researchers at the University of Washington to help tailor health care needs to specific areas.  What I find interesting is that it is the community that should be improving the longevity of their population; not the federal government.  I realize that some communities have bigger think tanks than others and in my idyllic world I wish that all could be equal.  But we can change things, one mind-at-a-time.  If we target our community’s specific needs we can improve our quality of life.  In theory.

And so I continue to crave things.  My youngest says to, “just do it” and wants an icy blended beverage for himself.  The eyes in my youngest son are much bigger than his stomach.  He is way too skinny and I see his ribcage each and every day.  But he does do everything in moderation.  Food for thought.


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