“labor” day


This labor day weekend I will be laboring.  I was given the choice to head out-of-town but after the various road trips we’ve taken this summer, my choice was made to stay home, to put in some time and maintain/ organize the space between my four walls.  If I get more ambitious; the space outside of them too.

Part of the reason I am not very hospitable is that I don’t want people to come into my messy home; my messy life.  If only my house had the updated floors and counter tops, etc.  I know, I know,  it really shouldn’t  matter.   Each evening we float; house chores, even cooking, going by the wayside.  It is too hot to do much of anything.  But then we stare up at our bedroom windows and I see the torn curtains.  The growing to-do list of disrepair gets ever longer.  I know the day will soon come when my house will be mess free; the day when all of my sons no longer live with us and will have flown the coop.

IMG_20130824_200055_resized_1 (2)IMG_20130830_200457_resizedIMG_20130830_194328_resized

My in-laws are feeling the emptiness of the nest.  I watch my father-in-law (FIL) transition into retirement.  He awakens at 3 AM to water his lawn.  They’ve resurfaced their driveway, replaced grass with new sod and is in the process of changing the curb appeal of his home.  His car is impeccable; as is his appearance.  He is a work horse and has transferred his work ethic from the business to the maintenance of his home.  My mother-in-law (MIL) is still finding her purpose; her hobby.  She chooses to sleep.  The hubs chose to help his dad, for over 10 hours,  lay down 35 patches of sod in 99 degree weather yesterday.  The rest of the family came for dinner to see their progress and as I sat outdoors with my FIL I shared my frustration at our lack of progress in the home maintenance department.  

Today it will begin with the organization of my eldest’s drawers.  Yesterday I had asked him to sort through his clothes and place the ones that do not fit upon his bedroom floor.  The floor is completely covered; the drawers empty.  The new clothes we just bought sit in a laundry basket in his doorway.  This is all that fits Mom.  I think of the wood organizer sitting in our garage taking up space for his closet.  I have to begin somewhere.  Sigh.

IMG_20130830_084309_resizedIMG_20130830_084503_resizedIMG_20130830_084801_resizedIMG_20130830_084709_resizedYesterday morning I arrived at my local DMV that opened at 8 AM.  It was 8:09.  The picture does not do the line justice and as I walked towards the end of the 100+ people deep line I was astounded.  Is the DMV still closed?  Why is everyone lined up out here?    Thankfully somebody stated this was the line to go inside; that if I had an appointment I could walk in the front doors into the a different line.  Relieved, I made my way out of line and to the front doors around the corner.  As I entered the doors several people in line yelled to me, telling me to get in the back like everyone else.  Their tone was not very friendly.  This is where my mouth gets me in trouble.  Offended, I stood before the line as the security guard came outside.  I was indignant.

I have an appointment, people!  Who said that?  I am checking in for 8:30.  Is that alright with you?!

Needless to say, I didn’t really need to say all that.  But seriously?  I stood there in the silence shielding the sun with my ridiculously big sunglasses covering my face.  Not one person said anything until the chuckling security guard came to my rescue; directing me inside to the appointment line.  NOTE:  ALWAYS MAKE AN APPT. IF YOU NEED TO GO TO THE DMV.  AND MAKE IT EARLY.  I barely found a parking spot at 8:09.  I have no idea how early people came to stand in this heat.  Thirty minutes later I exited the building staring at the space I had stood in line.  It had barely moved.   The staff, inside the building, were amicable and  I can see why they get frustrated.  There are some really stupid people who cannot follow instructions.  Minus the heckling in line, my experience was great.

Time to get to work!  Procrastinating time; over.




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