things unexpected


I raised the hubs and father-in-law onto the roof yesterday and was warmed by the fact that they trusted me to operate the tow motor that lifts them.    After a week of chill and my complaint of the lack of heat in the office; the “boys” decided to find a solution and either fix it or call our HVAC guy.

“Did you find the problem?” I asked as I lowered the bin onto the ground.

They appeared smug and I was relieved.  Between these two individuals they can fix anything.  I looked forward to the warm comforts of my domain, once again.


The hubs S-beamed the photo.  Our HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning unit) had been gutted.  I was to call the police and to file a report.  When the hubs had fixed the roof leaks with mastic, two weeks back, he had not noticed the missing pipe that was causing rain to leak onto the office roof.  It was then that I remembered the business next door’s visit from an officer in October when they replaced their HVAC unit.  Apparently, all the businesses on our block had been hit.  But we just discovered this yesterday.  So, amidst an already hectic, manic Monday I found myself on the phone with our local sheriff’s department and insurance agent.  And then, I called my pregnant neighbor whose husband replaces commercial units for a living.


Amidst the chaos we received unexpected gifts from random places.  I am always stunned at people’s generosity and later, as I stood in the post office line with multiple calendars and packages; people went out of their way to help me.  Everyone was cheery; including the postal clerk who helped me for 20 minutes to mail all of my items.    Though I do not wish for damages or “grand theft,” as the officer stated on his police report;  I am thankful. We will soon have a new roof over our heads and a shiny HVAC unit paid by our insurance.

While the “boys” visited our local businesses to hear their stories I grinned.  Normally the other building occupants do not visit with one another.  Soon we saw other people upon their ladders and back slaps from our neighbors.   They were all bonding over our shared losses.   Who knew?    Most days we fight over parking spaces; the tow trucks constantly roaming our lots.  The camaraderie was welcome and unexpected.


Today I discovered the SUV that I have been diligently searching for has changed vehicles to a white cab truck.  Again this father dropped his daughter off and stopped all traffic.  Since I was driving I did not have the time to grab my smartphone to take the picture of the same girl whose father chooses to drop her off in unsafe places.  But when I approached the stop light I stopped traffic and made sure to take a picture of his license frame.  I then peeked into the cab to make sure it was the same person and it was.

I am heeding the advice of my beloved brother-in-law; a staff member at another elementary school who also directs traffic.  I am to snap pictures and video and obtain a list of names who witness this each morning.  Then, I shall submit this to the local sheriff’s department who will make a visit to the owner of this vehicle’s home.  No need to get administration or myself involved.  Thus, I am journalling with due diligence and collecting evidence.


All is chilly in our office as I call for quote appointments.  The dog is curled up beneath my desk as I sit in three layers of clothing in 59 degrees.  This is with all of the window blinds opened in the front office.  But the chill does not quell my indomitable holiday cheer.  The Santa hat is quite warm and the thwacking and thunking of machinery punctuates the air.  The steel is hot to the touch and equates dollar signs.


I should’ve brought one of the cocoa snowmen crafts to work; TO DRINK.  Oh well…maybe tomorrow.


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