springing forward, strategizing and Newton


Instead of sitting at my work desk I decide to roll my chair outdoors for a change of scenery.  I am looking forward to spring and continue with my mental decluttering.  The guys, in the shop, are moving major pieces of equipment on the tow motor and are doing some spring cleaning of their own.


I spring forward to embrace change.

It has been comfortable to say I am in transition but it is quite another to actually do something about it. I am strategizing for the future.  Goal #1.  Being consistent.

“Consistent.  adj. : always acting or behaving in the same way  : of the same quality  : continuing to happen or develop in the same way.” Main Def. Merriam Webster Online, Merriam Webster, n.d. Web. 4 Mar. 2015.

Nothing galls me more than people with inconsistent behavior.  One minute they hug you like long lost friends, the next they pass you, unseeing, in the hallway.  Whenever I encountered these people I assessed their body language or made sure to avert my eyes or my path; to avoid the awkward moment of guessing how to deal with them.  They acknowledged you when it was convenient, for them.  The relationship was one-sided where actions were calculated and must be equally returned.  Sometimes, in the giving, the reciprocity was insincere and the joy of giving; just because; was lost.

These thoughts re-surface while reading my business marketing plan.

wpid-img_20150304_135510.jpgAfter several years of “talk” 2015 is finally the year we choose to “walk-the-walk.”  The family business, established with my in-laws’ blood, sweat and tears for twenty-seven years; has officially become ours.  Two years ago they happily handed the keys and we begrudgingly accepted them; inheriting the good and the bad.  It is our goal to streamline the inconsistent things and to not reinvent the wheel.  To formulate a market plan.

And so we assessed our environment.  A recessed economy.  Our personal lives paralleled our business and we had to determine what was important.

We learned the fundamentals of marketing.  The hubs and I, both with majors from the sciences, were good at maintaining status quo but ill-equipped to grow a business.

The loyal customers who have remained with us, the “low hanging fruit” taught us what we were good at and where we were not.  The friends who accepted me for who I am, could answer these same questions; when prompted or asked.

In growth I utilized the market research and conversations; obtaining the quick sale and the affirmation of the ties that bind.    Currently I formulate my plan of action in all things I’m involved in.  To be consistent.


The aroma of coffee fills the office and I sniff appreciatively.  I am a morning person and the time change to spring forward one hour, this weekend, will be welcome.

I shared my views of strategizing with the group of ten as we considered options for webpages and organizational growth.  It hadn’t occurred to me that I was doing the same thing, simultaneously, with the other aspects of my life.  I do not know any of these people and was caught “off guard” by my spoken words.  I had to acknowledge the white elephant in the room.  Who is going to be accountable for all of these things?   This organization is also transitioning; hoping to progress forward.

Because that’s really the answer I seek for all my musings and questions.  Ultimately, I am accountable for my life and I must accept culpability and responsibility;  the good and the unsavory.  I cannot control other people’s reactions to my own and have learned to let reciprocity go.   I consider Sir Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion; particularly the third law.

1. An object remains at rest or moves at a constant velocity; unless acted upon by an external force.

2. Force = mass X acceleration:  F=ma

3. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


I am moving in forward motion with external forces accelerating me in the same direction.  I am seeing the master plan, at long last, and strategize towards the actions I will take.  And I am now grateful for the negative actions and forces that brought me to this place of assessment; to push me in the opposite direction.  I purposely stride forward; no longer averting my path, my words, my eyes; to what lies before me.  I strive to be consistent.


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