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jolt & bolt, taxes & fire


Yesterday I found myself between the two door frames of my sons’ bedrooms.  I had not realized I had bolted over there until my eyes fully adjusted and the rest of my mind woke.  Whenever the jolt of an earthquake occurs I instinctively bolt to my children.  The hubs sauntered upstairs; working late into the hours of the morning online.  He casually mentioned the epicenter and magnitude and noted my footfalls during the rolling motions.  Oh, the joys.


Later I sat with a classroom of adults absorbing information from the IRS and EDD.  The numbers are not as intuitive as grammar and spelling.  Upon the fourth hour of this course my mind went blank.  I have a great appreciation for all CPA’s out there; particularly during the tax season.  The one B I received in high school was in economics.  I loved statistics and anything having to do with epidemiology.  But basic accounting?  Just ugh.  The acronyms, forms and schedules made me dizzy.  It is laughable that I am entrusted to handle the business financials; as well as serving as a PTA treasurer at my kids’ elementary school.   When the IRS representative gave the contact information numbers and drily said to apportion 30-60 minutes of time when calling; I was the only one that laughed out loud.  The rest of the room was overwhelmed and grumpy.


This morning I woke, pre-dawn, to complete PTA paperwork and was surprised to hear sirens.  Upon dropping the boys at their respective schools, I finally understood why.  What is it, Mom?  Is it smog? the youngest asked.  But upon closer inspection I noted it was a fire and the sirens earlier registered in my brain.


Unlike the rest of the nation we are experiencing above normal and dry conditions.  But we were reminded of the cost of living in our location.  Earthquakes, dry/high winds and fires.

I am thankful.  We have only been mandatorily evacuated, once, as the smoke approached our community.  Half of our school was affected and the community rallied together to help the families who had lost everything.  The community where this current fire is located is where my sons learn the game of golf.   The pilot of the spotter C-12 plane (which guides the super scooper planes with water drops)  may be the hubs’ friend; when they flew C-12s together.

I continue to be a parent vigilante and, as the looky-loo parents gazed at the rising plume of smoke, creating traffic, I was able to record my favorite black, NOTW, Chevy Suburban SUV blazing past cars as the crossing guard stepped upon the curb.  Finally!  A clear shot.  I am sick and tired of this daily occurrence and plan to visit my local police department.  Who knows what happens after I report this, but I have been keeping watch for over three months for this opportunity.  Sadly, it took a fire and traffic to get what I needed.

With the smallest full moon of 2014 the craziness has begun.    Praying for calm wind and lowered temps.  The local fire agencies are awesome!


Manic Monday


On my early morning show I heard an interesting statistic.  The first Monday  each year is the most depressing day of the year.  People return to work, children return back to school and buyer remorse settles in after the holidays.  I walked into the office and was greeted with our philodendron’s droopy leaves.  Gasp!

By noon our day grew infinitely more interesting.   A bill settled upon the desk from the business owner the next building over.  All of us share the cost for our water valve testing and Gasp!  The repair for our water lines was $1300.  Thus, the owner suggested we all run our fire sprinkler systems to clear out the lines before a re-test.


My brain registered the loud clanging noise of the alarm after I contacted the alarm company that we were testing the sprinkler system.  One of our employees stated that a car drove to our bay door; worrying about the amount of water being dumped along our property line.  To our chagrin we noted the cluster of 10-15 people huddled on the sidewalk; alarmed at the clanging and hugging one another.  The hubs went outdoors and explained the alarm was on as a test; amidst the worried glances of our neighbors.  We should have thought to inform them we were testing our sprinkler system.


Especially when the fire truck pulled into our parking lot, sirens blaring!  Our alarm company was instructed of our tests; but the neighboring businesses took it upon themselves to call the fire department instead.  Then the police.  It was during this hour of commotion that a customer came with his delivery and the HVAC owner visited with his quote for our stolen HVAC  unit.  It was a zoo!

And the phone lines rang off the hook.  I was surprised to have three calls from people saying they had heard about our water damage.  When I inquired where the water damage was and where they were standing I finally discerned that these were contractors wanting to repair our “water damage” from our supposed fire.  These ambulance chasers must have their radios on the frequencies for the fire department and police.  As if our “high fire alert” status with dry, above normal Santa Ana winds, temps weren’t keeping these people busy with real situations.

Ugh.  Just ugh.   I laughed maniacally just as the in-laws rolled in the door.  They missed all of the excitement.  How could anyone be depressed after a morning like this?  

And so it goes…our business is kicking off into the new year with a bang!  The firemen lingered, a bit amused, as they perused the type of items we manufacture.  Ironically, we manufacture bolts for local fire ladders.  Need fasteners anyone?  

To add to the comedy of our first Monday I had to share the written assignment that came home today from my youngest.  I shall re-type for clarity…

Charlie santa letter

December 24, 2013 A.K.A Christmas

Dear Santa,

Christmas is my favorite kind (time) of year and I just have some questions.  Are you going (to) travel around the world with cookies with you?  Are you happy about Christmas and the Holy Spirit, God, and Jesus?  Do you like your elves?  Does Your Wife Mrs. Clause Go with you to drop off the presents?  When your (you’re) late, do you just drop the presents in their chimney or just throw it in the window?  I wish I could see you!

Sincerely, (my son’s full printed name)

2014…here we come!